Calvert Learning has been updated for back-to-school! Please clear your cache for the best experience.

  • NEW login page for legacy Calvert Learning users at

  • NEW login experience for Calvert Learning users through Maestro

  • NEW multi-school view for Admins, Teachers, and Learning Guides so users can access all accounts through one login

  • NEW ability to elect force sequential course progression at the course level. Admins can require all students in a course to complete lessons in order to ensure course integrity.

  • NEW 2020-21 courses for English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science in grades K-8. Please speak to your account manager about starting in a new course.

Q: Where should I go for more information?
A: Please contact your Edmentum account manager for additional training or Edmentum Support for any immediate issues.

Q: Should I login through or through Maestro?
A: We recommend logging in through Maestro. But if you are working in 2019-20 courses, you have the option to login through either site.

Q: What changes from 2019-20 courses to 2020-21 courses?
A: In 2020-21 Calvert English Language Arts and Social Studies courses, the Use for Mastery assessments have been updated to diversify the item types. This update:

  • Decreases the writing load for students and the grading load for teachers
  • Increases alignment between lessons and assessment for both skills mastery and content knowledge

All ELA courses are enhanced with optional lesson supports for struggling students, English Language Learners, or any student who is “stuck” in a lesson. The lesson supports are labeled as:

  • Learn About which builds background knowledge
  • Another Way which offers suggestions on how to scaffold tasks to provide increased support to learners