Scheduled Maintenance (Deployed 04/10/19)

Calvert Teaching Navigator

Summary of upcoming feature improvements and fixes for Calvert Teaching Navigator

Enhancements for users of 2018-2019 product

Feature improvements:

The following improvements will be available to all CTN users:

  • Removed ability for learning guides to select the “Submit” button in a lesson. Submissions were already not tracked for learning guides, but now Learning Guides cannot select the submission button at all.

  • Updated Course View Page for all 2018+ courses. This new course overview will be available to all CTN login roles, (Student, Learning Guide, Teacher and Admin roles).

Known Issues:

  • Students see the version of a lesson at the time they completed the lesson; any content changes made to the lesson (e.g., updating links)after that date will not be seen by the student.

  • Daily Schedule 'current day' highlight doesn't move past the last day of a course if there are ungraded tests - still an issue for Private Pay ATS students who have 'opted-out' of an elective. They can still access all content from the Class List in the left navigation.

  • Not able to access the Collaboration Tool through Safari web browser.